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Why the name CoCoReCo

One of the reasons is that the name is easy to pronounce in several languages.

We coach in Dutch, French and English.

And our co-coaches, the horses, understand all languages.

And since we work mostly in quiet places, often in nature, we regularly hear roosters calling CoCoReCo.

Coach : each of us has had a professional track record as coaches. All our coaches have managed companies or have years of experience as managers. Each team member is a specialist in systemic thinking and undercurrent management

Co-coach : often we use co-coaches, the horses. Horses will mirror human behavior and allow you to discover your true self.

Reboot : we always want to create a better version of you where vitality, authenticity and strong personal leadership are at the basis.

Co-create : we will co-create with you. We always try to have an effect in the shortest possible time frame and then teach you how to continue.



  • Lynn Kemp

    After working for 12 years as a Credit Manager at 3 large companies, Lynn went to work as a director within the family business.

    She also took an initial coach training as a stress – burnout & hsp coach to then take the post-graduate training in coaching with horse as a mirror and the training in systemic work & trauma with horses at HorSense.

    Horses have been part of her life since childhood, so the step to coaching in nature and with horses was quickly made.
    Lynn is convinced that as a person you can improve your life and as a professional you can make your company shine by tackling the issues that need attention from your subconscious. From the inside out. Making the invisible visible. That is exactly what systemic work, with or without horses, can do for you and your business.


  • Henk VAN 'T NET

    Henk is a former founder and CEO of a holding of IT companies. As a consultant and coach, he specializes in management, transformation, innovation and well-being.

    He is also, together with his wife Veerle, founder of the coaching school HorSense Belgium (postgraduate in collaboration with Howest), which trains coaches in coaching of people and teams with the help of horses.

    Henk has extensive experience in systemic thinking, organizational development and underflow management. He is an expert in Human Impact in transition and leadership processes.



  • Dadesh

  • Ophélie

  • Summer

  • Hera

  • Vipe

  • Pax

  • Romy